Hello. I'm Danielle Klafter.

I'm based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

I value clean, organized, de-cluttered space. Simple space. My brain views life as a puzzle. Looking at a disorganized space is like looking at a large, life-sized puzzle. I enjoy the challenge of taking all the pieces out, discarding the ones that don't belong, and re-arranging the rest in a way that fits best.

 This training in organization began early in my life. I'm the oldest of nine children, and my mom is an organizing rockstar. When I was young I used to mimic her and pull out all the contents of my closet and rearrange them just for fun. As I grew older, women I babysat for began to ask me to clean out and reorganize their children's closets, the laundry room, the pantry, the toy room, the master bedroom. 

Today I consider organizing a form of creativity. In my own home I love to repurpose old things and find new uses for them. An old window frame becomes an earring display. Old dresser drawers stack into a bookshelf. A discarded cassette tape rack renovates into a tea shelf. I value bright colors, clean surfaces, and comfortable lounging spaces. I arrange my home to be a safe, comfortable place of rest and play for my family and the people who walk through our door. Minimizing excess belongings and having ordered places for everything to be put away creates margin in my home, my mind, and my time. 

My hope is to offer you the same. Your values for space may be different than mine, and that is the way it should be. My goal is to help you identify the needs of your family and your space, and to create simple, effective organizing systems tailored to your needs.

Let's get started. Just fill out the contact form below.