Attic space overflowing
Attic space overflowing withfstuff

Step one: Purge & sort

This attic contained three decades of shoving stuff in and out of sight. Everything from overenthusiastic sale shopping to old bed frames to boxes of old papers and files from nearly a lifetime ago. Feeling ready to attack this space was a monumental moment for my client (and for me to be able to assist her and share in the joy!). Our first step was to pull everything out and purge, sifting through what was worth keeping, what might be useful for someone else, what could go to the Salvation Army, and what needed to be transported directly to the dump. It got messier before it got better, stuff sprawling out into an already arranged room...

Step two: Haul away

We spent two days hauling things down two flights of stairs, arranging in piles, and sending away to other homes. My client worked even harder than I did, putting in more hours between our sessions. Two pick-up truck loads when directly to the dump! It took a lot of courage for my client to let go of so much, and yet the transformation was apparent in her spirit as much as her physical space. It became so freeing!

step three: Reorganize

I got to reorganize what remained back into the space. My client decided she just wanted the space to be used for two specific purposes: a wrapping station, and seasonal decorations. So that's what went back into the space in organized totes with labels. This left everything easily findable and accessible. And the other room was all clear of clutter too by the time we finished.