Mission Statement

To create simple space in your home or business so you can have margin in multiple aspects of your life.



The first task in organizing is to determine which possessions still retain value and should be kept, and which have outlived their usefulness to you and are better sold or given away. As a professional organizer I will never force you to get rid of anything; however in my experience most of us own more than we actually need or use. At that point our stuff begins to own us rather than the other way around. 


Next, my job is to help you define purposes for your space, and then prioritize what needs to be most accessible inside that space. This will determine how we go about reorganizing and shaping the space.



Once we've identified all the pieces of the puzzle, then we can put those pieces together. Sometimes purchasing new organizing materials is beneficial. Other times repurposing things you already own is just as effective. My goal is to find an end result that you are happy with while working within your budget. 


My goal is to create systems tailored to your needs that are simple for you to maintain. Once my job is done, you can feel confident to continue maintaining order in your home or business.