A Blessing and a Curse

Owning things is both a blessing and a curse. Things can provide us with comfort, entertainment, social status, memories, connection with other people. You fill in the blank. They can make us feel safe, content, powerful, or provided for. But they can also become overwhelming. They can take up too much space in our homes. They can prevent rooms from being comfortable or useful. They can also take up too much of our time trying to organize and maintain. Sometimes, before any of us know how we got there, suddenly we are spending more time trying to keep the clutter at bay than actually enjoying life and using things as things, the way they were intended.

My philosophy is that your stuff shouldn't overwhelm you. If it does, then that is a sign something is out of whack. 

1. You might own too much stuff.

Admitting that can be scary. Sometimes letting go of things feels like you might be letting go of memories, loved ones, or experiences that brought you a lot of joy. Personally, when I struggle letting go of things it is because I'm fearful it might be useful in the future and if I get rid of it now I won't have what I need. In that instance de-cluttering becomes an act of trust. Or maybe getting rid of things is simply physically overwhelming and it seems easier to shut the storage room door and ignore the mess than begin to sift through it. Whatever the reason, having an outsider help you sort through and make decisions can offer objectivity. It can provide mental, emotional, and practical support, some expertise, and the impetus you need to tackle the piles and find a little simplicity.

2. You might need better systems to organize and maintain your stuff.

Having a place for everything to go is the first step to cleaning up the house. It's hard to put everything away when you don't know where to put it. Even having designated spots for "the things you don't know what to do with" is helpful. Envisioning and designing those systems may not be your greatest strength. That's more than okay. I guarantee you're an expert in something I am not. Let someone who is skilled at this lend you their strength. 

Whatever the reason, finding simple space can help assist you in a change--a change in your home and perhaps a change in your lifestyle. Get a little brave. 

Own your stuff. Don't let your stuff own you.